Close and constant attention to our teaching and learning quality has helped us make key improvements to our teaching methodologies and curriculum design. This means that our students are primed to achieve stellar results with 9 out of 10 students achieving an A or A* at the PSLE, and a majority of our students scoring distinctions in English and Math at the ‘O’ Levels.

 2017 PSLE Results

2245 A*/As achieved at the 2017 PSLE

52% of our students achieved a T-score of 250 and above

9 out of 10 of our students achieved A*/As across all subjects

Percentage of A*s & As per subject at the 2017 PSLE

English – 91%

Chinese – 90%

Mathematics – 90%

Science – 90%


A World Of Opportunities

Students from The Learning Lab have enjoyed placements in a wide range of enriching programmes and schools. Some examples include:

• Admission into the Gifted Education Programme (GEP)
• Admission into the best Integrated Programmes (IPs), including RI, RGS, HCI, NYGH, ACS(I), NUS High, VJC, NJC, SOTA and the other top IP schools
• Admission into the best mainstream ‘O’ Level schools
• Admission into the best junior colleges

Continuing To Love Learning At The Tertiary Level

Our alumni have gone on to expand their intellectual horizons at various universities both within Singapore and abroad. Whether at NUS, NTU or SMU in Singapore, Oxford or Cambridge in the UK, or Stanford, Harvard or Yale in the US, The Learning Lab graduates have embraced the love of learning and gone on to be world-ready students and upstanding members of society.

Percentage of A1s & A2s in English* at the ‘O’ Level Examination

46% of our ‘O’ Level students scored an A1 or A2 in English — 72% higher than the national average.

Percentage of A1s & A2s in Additional Mathematics* at the ‘O’ Level Examination

81% of our ‘O’ Level students scored an A1 or A2 in Additional Mathematics — 48% higher than the national average.

*Based on 2017 O-Level results collated from students at The Learning Lab