The Learning Lab Curriculum

Our curriculum has been thoughtfully designed with your child in mind — we place a priority on creating engaging and exciting learning experiences.

Our curriculum offers intellectually stimulating lesson materials that motivate and engage your child.

These materials provide rich resources for teaching and learning so our teachers are able to help each student achieve academic success.

TLL’s Key Curriculum Design Principles

Relevant to every student
Cultivates the curiosity to learn
Develops the ‘whole’ student
Balances exam with life skills
Credible, updated and informed

How our curriculum develops your child’s knowledge, skills & dispositions

While knowledge acquisition and development have always taken centre stage in education, recent educational research has shown that there is a strong need to focus on helping students develop the right set of skills, and nurture positive learning dispositions to help them become more successful learners.

Our curriculum is therefore designed with the following elements in mind. 


Formative Assessment

Tests and exams are often nerve-wrecking for students. Through regular formative assessments and quizzes, we help students hone their exam skills whilst overcoming their fear of exams.

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Success Criteria

To achieve excellence, your child first needs to know the criteria needed to succeed. Our lessons help your child to identify and understand the requirements for success in what they do.

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Contextualised Learning

Helping your child to see how what he or she learns in a classroom relates to day-to-day life can be the difference between just ‘studying’ and the experiencing the powerful effects of meaningful learning.

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Hands-on Learning

Deep learning occurs when your child understands, retains and recalls knowledge well. How does this happen? Hands-on learning gives your child the opportunity to see theories and static concepts in action. Learning comes alive.

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