The Learning Lab Curriculum

Our curriculum has been thoughtfully designed with your child in mind — we place a priority on creating engaging and exciting learning experiences.

Our curriculum offers intellectually stimulating lesson materials that motivate and engage your child.

These materials provide rich resources for teaching and learning so our teachers are able to help each student achieve academic success.

TLL’s Key Curriculum Design Principles

Relevant to every student

Our lessons are designed to meet students’ needs at every level. 

At every stage of the academic journey, our curriculum determines clear objectives for optimal learning and academic performance.

Whether your child needs to build a strong foundation, hone key subject-specific skills or ace the exams, our curriculum specialists design materials that delivers the knowledge that your child needs.

Cultivates the curiosity to learn

Our curriculum is planned, written and designed with a learner’s natural curiosity in mind.

Your child deserves to love what he or she learns. From covering topics such as the Super Blue Blood Moon to using hands-on activities to illustrate abstract concepts, we plan each detail to help your child find joy in learning.

Develops the ‘whole’ student

We take a holistic view to our students’ development, ensuring that they are equipped with skills, such as a growth mindset and effective learning, that will help them achieve success in the future.

Our curriculum helps your child to cultivate key knowledge, skills and dispositions that enable them to achieve success in pursuing their goals and dreams.

Balances exam with life skills

Achieving excellence in school is only one part in your child’s journey to achieving success in life.

We go beyond academics to help your child develop lifelong skills and attitudes such as resilience and creativity to foster success not just in school, but also in life.

Credible, updated and informed

To meet the demands of a continually evolving world, our curriculum is current and informed by the latest trends and findings in education, educational psychology and neuroscience research.

Co-developed by a team of over 50 curriculum specialists, we invest time and money in the right kind of research, taking meticulous care to consult with educators and ensure that what your child sees in class is not just great — it’s the best.


How our curriculum develops your child’s knowledge, skills & dispositions

While knowledge acquisition and development have always taken centre stage in education, recent educational research has shown that there is a strong need to focus on helping students develop the right set of skills, and nurture positive learning dispositions to help them become more successful learners.

Our curriculum is therefore designed with the following elements in mind. 


Formative Assessment

Tests and exams are often nerve-wrecking for students. Through regular formative assessments and quizzes, we help students hone their exam skills whilst overcoming their fear of exams.

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We use research-attested ‘formative testing’ techniques – tests that do not affect grades strongly and thus have lower stakes.

By becoming familiar with low-stakes test-taking, your child can focus their attention on their learning and learn to perform well under exam conditions.

Success Criteria

To achieve excellence, your child first needs to know the criteria needed to succeed. Our lessons help your child to identify and understand the requirements for success in what they do.

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Does your child understand how he or she is learning?

Through methods such as ink-trailing, we help your child to visualise their thought process, identify what they should look out for and know how they should approach a question in order to derive an answer.


Contextualised Learning

Helping your child to see how what he or she learns in a classroom relates to day-to-day life can be the difference between just ‘studying’ and the experiencing the powerful effects of meaningful learning.

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Meaningful learning occurs in our classrooms; our curriculum helps your child make clear and significant connections between what goes on in class and what he or she sees in day-to-day life.

Learning about current affairs events, key phenomena, ‘exploring’ global cities, culture and architecture as well as learning about key political, economic or social figures — these are just some of the ways we bring the world into the classroom and help your child understand his or her world a little better.

Hands-on Learning

Deep learning occurs when your child understands, retains and recalls knowledge well. How does this happen? Hands-on learning gives your child the opportunity to see theories and static concepts in action. Learning comes alive.

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Our curriculum includes games, activities and manipulatives that help your child see concepts or theories in action.

Whether it’s using blocks to understand space and volume, using a game to learn how to plan a budget or convert currency, growing succulent plants to observe a life cycle or fun Math quizzes based on specially created equations, hands-on learning makes learning come alive.

When your child has a chance to see knowledge in action, he or she is more likely to retain knowledge and better understand the concept or topic being taught.