Developing Key Critical Thinking Skills For Academic Excellence


In upper primary, your child is honing critical skills that help him or her manage school exams and class work.

At The Learning Lab, our lesson materials engage your child in learning that matters. By learning how to tackle subject-specific and task-specific challenges, he or she can minimise errors and focus on excelling at his or her strengths. Our programmes give your child the right tools to excel academically by helping your child to use systematic approaches to solving and answering questions.

As your child progresses to upper primary, there is a need to ensure an equal focus on learning excellence as well as exam excellence.

For each subject your child studies, he or she will need to acquire component-specific skills and techniques that help him or her in the application of content knowledge.

Such knowledge transference and complex knowledge retrieval are key learning strengths that drive your child’s performance for in-class assessments and major examinations.




Understand exam requirements and refine thought process when applying knowledge


Learn how to use specific techniques to conquer key exam components


Exam excellence begins with smart techniques for continual revision and progress


Primary 4



Your Primary 4 child should focus on refining key learning skills that help him or her to apply knowledge mastery. This year is about setting clear academic and personal growth goals that put your child in stead for managing upper primary.

Primary 5



Your child is making his or her preparations for the PSLE exams. In this year, programmes focus on sharpening your child’s focus on academic goals and exam skills. This year is about helping your child to pace himself or herself whilst empowering him or her to master key examination components.


Primary 6



In the PSLE year, students will meet the challenge of revising content knowledge accumulated from Primary 3 to Primary 6 whilst preparing for a series of examinations leading up to the national exam. Our Primary 6 programmes place a strong emphasis on evaluative learning and giving students the best academic and learning support to hone strengths and work on areas of progress.