Early Years

Our Early Years Programmes aim to develop key skills and abilities in your young learner. A range of activities, games and materials are employed to introduce your child to reading, writing, thinking, speaking and socialising in a classroom environment.

Learning excellence takes centre stage in our Early Years programmes. By helping your child to cultivate key learning habits, he or she will be able to grasp and organise new knowledge.

These crucial first steps in education empowers your child to build a strong foundation in reading, writing, thinking and speaking. A happy learner, accumulating knowledge of language and numeracy — your child is developing the key knowledge, skills and dispositions for effective learning.




Develop reading and writing skills which are essential in early years education.


Build confidence in speaking for key social development at this young age.


Help your child become familiar with a classroom setting and grow more confident with little tasks and instructions


Nursery 2


Cognitive And Character Development Through Fun And Interactive Learning

Nursery 2 programmes are focused on making learning fun and interactive. At this level, exposure to language and numeracy are as important as developing soft skills such as communication, interaction and attention-span. Teachers help students to work on listening, motor skills and hand-eye coordination and ability to respond to direct verbal and visual cues in a small group environment.

Kindergarten 1

Building A Strong Foundation In Language And Numerical Proficiency

Kindergarten 1 programmes emphasise the importance of reading and writing in relation to language and numeracy. A fun learning journey facilitates the acquisition of fundamental skills in languages and mathematics.

Kindergarten 2

Preparing Your Child For A Smooth Transition To Primary School

Your Kindergarten 2 child will benefit from programmes that will prepare him or her for Primary 1. These programmes aim to build content knowledge and help familiarise your child with a formal classroom environment whilst developing their love of learning.