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My journey at The Learning Lab through these 9 years has been particularly phenomenal – it has inspired and guided me in preparing solidly for the future. To find success in what you’re striving towards, first find joy in it. To me, The Learning Lab’s approach to education can be surmised as an irresistible combination of enriching material and passionate teachers. They were inspiring and knowledgeable, delivering a quality of education that I simply could not find elsewhere.

Till this date, I still remember my visceral disappointment when I realized I would miss a Math lesson due to a family holiday, as my teacher had promised to apply geometry and spatial concepts to show us the unimaginable – how to create a hole on a piece of A4 paper large enough for us to walk through.

It is hence this compelling combination that first showed me that learning could be fun, and filled me with palpable excitement whenever I learnt something new that stretched me beyond my peers. Whether it was the intensive exam preparations or the thorough content lectures, it has supported my academic growth and allowed me to achieve my personal bests.

Clarence Cheong

Clarence Cheong, TLL Student From 2004-2014

The Learning Lab has provided me with treasured opportunities to excel and explore. Apart from its impeccable academic curriculum, its Future Leaders Program has brought me to the internationally acclaimed Harvard Model Congress thrice with my Learning Lab peers. On all three occasions, our team was conferred the distinguished award of excellence.

This is a clear testimony to how adequately The Learning Lab prepares you for a worldly stage by bringing learning out of the classroom. Apart from the obvious takeaway of the awards, it has endowed me with better public speaking skills, the great experience of an overseas trip, and frankly a great lot of fun.

Lu Hao

Lu Hao, TLL Student From 2010-2013

What sets The Learning Lab apart from the rest is none other than the content and unique programmes delivered. My teachers saw me through the stressful PSLE year and was a pivotal factor in helping me achieve an A* and A for Math and Science respectively.

The hands-on experiments we did during our Science lessons, for example the construction of circuit boards and periscopes, allowed me to understand complex concepts from a refreshing perspective. Gradually, I began looking forward to The Learning Lab lessons as they became the highlight of my week. For English, my teacher had definitely helped me build a strong foundation in grammar and sowed the seeds for the development of my vocabulary. This was facilitated through the secret notebook, (known fondly as the ‘SNB’) where we had to build up our vocabulary bank by recording new words we learnt that week and were subsequently encouraged to use them in our writing so that these words can be transferred from paper to memory. Spending an entire decade at this established institution, I can’t help but recommend it to anyone who’s overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices of tuition programmes these days.

James Lim Chiu Yang

James Lim Chiu Yang, TLL Student From 2003-2010

The Learning Lab is more than just an enrichment centre – it is an established institute that has shaped me into the person I am proud to be today. The culture of the place is that of reverence – respect for the teachers, the learning and the environment. Every Saturday, my English teacher would bring us through a repertoire of enticing materials. There was a liberating sense of freedom in her classroom that I treasure deeply. Every input was valued and considered, and everyone felt safe contributing to an invigorating discussion. My English teacher’s surfeit of knowledge and prodigious wisdom on the world still inspires me today.

With the Learning Lab, I was exposed to ideas and insights that served as the perfect complement to what I was learning in school. Beyond the classroom, I had the privilege of attending the Harvard Model Congress in San Francisco in 2013 and the Global Young Leaders Conference in Washington D.C. and New York City in 2014. TLL provided me with the opportunities to bring my learning outside of the classroom and apply it in the global context.

Kate Lim Ji Won

Kate Lim Ji Won, TLL Student From 2012-2014

I personally tend to be rather picky about commitments. If I attend any classes outside of school, I believe that they must supplement me with something beyond what my school has thus far made available; otherwise I would simply use the school’s resources. With this strict mind-set, The Learning Lab has proven to be more than worth the time I spent there; not only do I feel that it has given me exposure, knowledge and skills beyond the common classroom, I also feel grateful for the numerous opportunities presented and the friends made.

I find that TLL is more than a place that I just went to for tuition classes. It has been a source of enrichment, inspiration and, indeed, learning, and though my time there has ended, my journey with learning still has a long way to go. That may be one of my greatest takeaways from my experience with TLL.

Lee Wan Yii

Lee Wan Yii, TLL Student From 2007-2013