Strengthening Academic Foundation And Independence In Learning


Our primary school programmes combine the best of subject mastery and skill development. Across English, Math and Science lessons, your child will be able to learn both subject-specific and general knowledge. Progression through all 6 levels of primary school ensure that your child constantly learns more in terms of breadth and depth year on year.

In lower primary school years, a strong focus on learning excellence helps to prepare them to handle the structured syllabus of the primary school journey.

Gaining familiarisation with subject-specific components and building confidence in responding to written and verbal tasks go a long way in driving your child’s deep learning.

Such subject-specific and general skills give your child the tools to excel in the exams. Being able to learn from mistakes and to apply knowledge correctly all drives performance excellence — these learning habits help your child to manage assessment tasks in Primary 2 and Primary 3.




Our classes help your child to work, think and act independently in the course of learning


Lessons give your child ample opportunity to hone key oral and written skills for success


Structured and relevant materials help your child to gain subject and topical mastery


Primary 1



Primary 1 programmes aim to familiarise your child with the academic and social conditions that are part of Primary school. Learning is informed by a strong sense of interest-building and helping your child to expand his or her awareness of people, places and things that are part of primary school curriculum as well as the wider world around him or her.

Primary 2



Primary 2 programmes introduce your child to key concepts needed for middle primary school years. Your child will work on mastering the basics of each subjects while exploring various topics that help them make a real connection between what they learn in school and the world around them. Communication, presentation of ideas and interaction with others remain an integral part of learning and development.

Primary 3



Middle primary school years are about mastering component-based skills whilst honing learning sensibilities like refinement, precision, self-evaluation and time management. Our programmes aim to achieve these goals whilst continually expanding your child’s academic knowledge in each subject.