Junior College

Junior College Education At The Learning Lab


The Learning Lab’s Junior College tuition programmes for GP and H2 Mathematics help your child to manage his or her workload in preparation for the ‘A’ Level examinations. At this level, a strong focus on structure, content knowledge and precise application of knowledge marks our JC programmes as comprehensive and effective.

Performance excellence is the main focus of our Junior college programmes. With a short runway to the A levels, your child needs to hone exam skills by subject and by component.

At this stage, key learning habits work in the background to drive the application and refinement of essential exam management techniques.

Constant feedback loops and prompts for self-evaluation help your child to manage the pressure of the JC system — these performance training elements help your child focus on recalling, with precision, the key subject-specific knowledge learnt in school.



Be able to develop and express independent thoughts supported by real world facts, evidence and perspectives


Convey thoughts with conviction, eloquence and sophistication in verbal or written form


Consolidate and apply accumulated subject knowledge with precision and coherence


Junior College 1

Your JC 1 child requires expert help in managing the vast jump between secondary school curricula and the ‘A’ level syllabus. These programmes equip your child with relevant content knowledge and much-needed familiarisation with the testing formats and specifics of the ‘A’ level exam. Mastering the foundation in year 1 is important in building a strong position for the ‘A’ level.

Junior College 2

The JC programme gives students a runway of about 1.5 years to prepare for the ‘A’ levels. In The Learning Lab’s JC2 programme, students are taught how to strategise for the exams and ensure that their application of content knowledge is accurate and sophisticated. Teachers guide your child on exam-based skills and help them to build a strong confidence to succeed at the ‘A’ Level examinations.