Tuition & Enrichment Programmes - The Learning Lab


The Early Years programmes are available for English and Math from Nursery 2 to Kindergarten 2. Chinese is also available for Kindergarten 1 and 2 levels. Your child will learn basic elements of each subject through a range of teaching methods aimed to hone cognitive, social and motor skills.

Lower Primary

Our Primary programmes in English, Chinese, Math and Science (Primary 2 and up) aim to provide academic guidance and support for your child at any point during his or her primary school years. An incremental range of skills and depth of content ensures that your child is encouraged to continually improve, achieve and excel.

Upper Primary

In upper primary, your child is honing critical skills that help him or her manage school exams and class work.


Secondary students from the Integrated Programme (IP) and ‘O’ Level streams will be captivated by our secondary school programmes in English, Math and the Sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics). Our programmes manage the diverse curriculum needs of secondary school students.

Junior College

 By equipping our students with skills in critical thinking, analysis and application, our General Paper (GP) and H2 Math programmes are carefully tailored to prime tertiary students for success at the ‘A’ Levels.

Holiday Programmes

Our wide range of holiday programmes cater to students who want an added boost of academic assistance or allow for young ones to explore their passions and interests in specific academic components.


If your child needs focused help with the Composition or Comprehension components of the English paper in primary school, you will be interested in the depth and effectiveness of our dedicated workshop lessons.

We are located in the east, west, and central regions, and offer classes on both weekdays and weekends. Click here to find a suitable class for your child.

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